SW bgb photo I’m Sabra Waldfogel, the writer/editor/publisher behind big green buildings. I’m a business writer who specializes in writing about sustainable architecture and design. What I write for clients is just what I write about on the blog—LEED, adaptive reuse, energy efficiency, building operations, and preservation. I write features, marketing communications, proposals, and technical stuff.

Before I went freelance I worked for Honeywell’s commercial building business. We marketed and sold sustainability to the education and healthcare markets in the days when it was still quaintly known as “energy conservation.” At Honeywell, what I wrote supported technical marketing and the technical sale—sales training, technical specs and documentation, presentations, and proposals.

Most recently, I’ve written feature articles on architecture and design for consumer and trade magazines, including Arts and Crafts Homes, Old House Journal, and Window Fashions. The articles are marketing in disguise, showcasing the work of architects, engineers, contractors, and developers. Take a look at this piece on a St. Paul builder and this one, on the revival of historic bungalow courts.

I’m a few decades older than the writer in the photo, and I’ve since traded in my pencil for a computer keyboard and an Internet connection.